Supply Chain Solutions for Cannabis with Beth Corbett from AE Global

Elizabeth Corbett, VP of Sales for AE Global, is on a mission to build sustainable packaging & supply chain programs for Cannabis and CBD companies that honor their brand identity, drive revenue growth, protect the product and do so cost-effectively.



Cannabis Industry Journal recently reported: Since early 2020, the pandemic has shined a spotlight on the global supply chain and its shortcomings. Supply and demand have changed so much and so quickly that it has fostered shortages and delays for many of the world’s goods.

Much of this crisis is due to manufacturing plants in countries like China working at half-capacity or being forced to shut down to curtail the pandemic. A lot of those shortages can also be blamed on companies with a lack of foresight, choosing to lower costs with thin inventories rather than keeping warehouses full.

The global supply chain crisis has impacted nearly every market on earth that relies on international shipping. Everything from clothing and turkeys to cars and computer chips is in short supply, causing prices and wait times to increase.

They go on to say: With new markets coming online and legacy cannabis markets expanding, the cannabis supply chain is certainly maturing and this crisis may be kicking things into high gear. In states on the West Coast, distribution channels have expanded, rules have allowed for curbside pickup and delivery and a lot more ancillary businesses are supporting a thriving market.

From MJBizDaily: Complying with regulations while sourcing and working with cost-effective, attractive marijuana or hemp packaging requires a deft touch, which can’t be done by simply throwing money at the problem.

Packaging is a major cost for any marijuana or hemp company that makes products, and a few considerations to cut expenses include:

Buying in bulk to get better pricing.
Keeping a close eye on the packaging manufacturer to ensure quality.
Dialing in forecasting to accurately order the correct supply.
Selecting affordable base materials and simplifying the process as much as possible.

“CannaBeth”, as Elizabeth is fondly known, entered the Cannabis industry more than eight years ago after spending the first part of her career developing packaging solutions for significant players in the retail and health & beauty markets such as Starbucks, Tiffany and Estee Lauder. Based in Seattle and Miami, Beth is passionate about finding environmentally responsible and sustainable solutions no matter what the form or substrate.