Sweet Earth With CEO Peter Espig

Sweet Earth maintains a portfolio of skin and body care products that includes facial products, men’s, spa, hemp, and muscle products at: www.sweetearthskincare.com. Also, visit its high-quality pet treat enriched with CBD and Vitamin E site at: www.sweetearthpets.com. Sweet Earth is setting itself apart by leveraging superior science behind developing its current products to provide better permeability than most competitive products on the market. Sweet Earth typically uses 70 NEU (nanoparticle-size) versus 150 NEU in its products. What this means is more than double of the small molecule-CBD is able to penetrate into the muscle, which in turn makes it more effective. Other companies can claim they have 25% CBD in their body rub when in fact Sweet Earth’s 10% CBD provides much more relief because of the molecular size and how it combines with the cream that allows it to penetrate into the body’s pores for maximum benefit.


Grassroots Marketing

GrassRoots Marketing curates a thought-provoking dialogue with an exclusive class of thought leaders who will offer high-end roundtable business strategies and solutions that seek to prune and harvest great ideas in each 30-minute episode. We will also explore the landscape of the states seeking to legalize and their coming initiatives. Thought leaders in the cannabis industry convene here to share some of their best practices and protocols. Let’s chart the growth of this burgeoning industry – one of the world’s premier cash crops.