The Cannabis Rollout in New York State with Attorney Steve Malito

The Cannabis Rollout in New York State with Steve Malito, partner at Davidoff Hutcher & Citron

Grassroots Marketing talks with Steve Malito, a partner at Davidoff Hutcher & Citron, where he chairs the Cannabis Department and the New York State Government Relations Group.  In that role, he advises clients on a range of issues affecting the cultivation, processing, distribution, and sale of Cannabis. He provides counsel to businesses seeking licenses to operate within the industry, as well as clients seeking to do business with the cannabis industry, with a focus on regulatory compliance and the government relations that surround this emerging industry in New York. Talk to me about the new department.

Steve is chair of the state government relations practice for the firm working with clients in the alcohol industry and in marijuana. He noted there are 3,500 liquor stores in the state — 2,500 downstate and 1,000 above Westchester County. If that’s any indication for the potential of the marijuana industry. He told the Albany Times Union, there potentially could be hundreds of marijuana retailers across the state.

“Once this gets up and running, it’s likely that you will not have a hard time finding an adult cannabis store in New York,” he said.

Steve Malito is the Chair of DHC’s New York State Government Relations group which focuses on all aspects of government relations on the New York State level. The group represents a broad array of clients ranging from Fortune 500 technology companies and the film industry to not-for-profits, including universities, social services agencies, statewide trade associations, as well as clients in the banking, insurance and transportation industries.

Under Mr. Malito’s leadership, the group has been instrumental in the passage of a number of significant state laws that have benefited the firm’s clients. He has regularly navigated the New York State Budget process for the firm’s clients. For over 20 years, Mr. Malito has represented clients before the Governor’s Office, administrative agencies, the Senate and the Assembly in Albany. We talk about the progress of legalization being implemented in New York State.