The Dab Rite With Dan Wynick

The Dab Rite utilizes a flexible temperature reading arm allowing for more accurate readings across a variety of heights and angles. To add an additional level of convenience, the Dab Rite also features a built-in LED guide light, ensuring that you’re getting the most accurate temperature reading. Our guest’s company recently launched the first digital infrared thermometer on the cannabis accessories market to feature a fully adjustable sensor arm, allowing for more accurate readings on a wider variety of dab rigs. Most importantly, the Dab Rite will alert you with both light and sound when your preferred temperature is reached. Dab Rite features a 7-inch adjustable neck that bends in all directions so users can accurately read the heat of the quartz nail. It also lets users know when the optimum temperature is reached with light and sound indicators. Users can set the temperature on their Dab Rite from 200° to 800°, although the creators recommend a setting of 500° to 600°. The Dab Rite features a variety of built-in emissivity settings that can be adjusted based upon what type of banger is being used and features an automatic shut-off so the battery stays charged longer.

The Dab

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