The Future Of Cannabis Retail

Today on Grassroots Marketing we are joined by Roger Obando, Co-Founder fo Baker Technologies. For over 20 years, Roger has been a noteworthy leader in the software development space. After earning degrees in both Computer Science and Visual Design from Duke University, he spent years working with well-established, interactive agencies, including his own. After nearly a decade of working with companies like Sony, BMW, JP Morgan and Disney, he shifted his focus to the product space.

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Most recently, Roger has been in top technology roles at companies such as Mobile Roadie, Kamino Labs, and Baker Technologies, where he is currently Co-Founder and Head of West Coast Operations. Roger looks at Baker Technologies as the future of cannabis retail. Baker is the leading CRM for the cannabis industry, servicing more than 800 dispensaries across theUS and Canada. Baker helps dispensaries generate more revenue and build relationships with their customers through a variety of products featuring online ordering, customer loyalty, messaging, and analytics. On average Baker, clients see a 40 percent boost in average order size and a full ROI in just ten weeks.