The Skills Needed To Build And Manage The Social Networks Required

Today on Grassroots Marketing we are joined by Dean DeLisle, Social Jack Developer and Chief Visionary. Social Jack was developed by Dean and his team at Forward Progress in response to an overwhelming demand for their social media training and development workshops, which are delivered both in person and online. In 2015, Dean created and released an Influencer Development Education platform known as Social Jack™, and they have successfully trained over 100,000 professionals on Social Selling and B2B Influencer Marketing.


Their curriculum is used globally by Fortune 500 companies, Associations, Conferences and Universities to instill best practices related to influencer development and the effective use of social networks. With, clients can select their professional destination, map out a plan, and access the coaching and training needed to support them to that destination. They will develop the skills needed to build and manage the social networks required on their journey.