TheBudGrower with CEO Alexander Ouvaroff

TheBudGrower with CEO Alexander Ouvaroff today on Grassroots Marketing only on Cannabis Radio. One of the biggest components of the explosive home-grow market is knowledge. For many people looking into the industry for the first time – the internet is the largest available resource. This reason alone is what is helping new growers or those who are looking to grow to get the right details to start producing high-quality buds from home. Businesses that provide in-depth knowledge on how to grow are showing exponential growth within their company. The information that a company provides certainly is a make-or-break with many consumers. Providing the best education for first-time growers is starting to sell customers and acts to increase sales. This is why TheBudGrower provides information for its customers in order for them to grow the best buds from start to finish on their first try. The ability to grow from home not only gives people the knowledge and environment to grow – but it also creates more effective ways for patients to receive their medication at a fraction of the cost.


Grassroots Marketing

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