Trym With Matt Mayberry

Trym with CEO, Matt Mayberry. Our next guest’s company has created the first cannabis farm management software built from the ground up for commercial growers. As the only farm management software specifically built to address the challenges facing cannabis cultivators today, Trym provides a thorough analysis of operational data, so that growers can improve efficiency and their competitive edge. The Trym mobile app makes data collection and team management easy, even on a business scale. Trym spent most of 2018 in a private beta with two farms before officially launching at MJBizCon in November of last year. We talk about the progress of Trym and how your company has navigated growth around the pandemic.


Trym can now monitor and link Argus and TrolMaster sensor data, like temperature, humidity, and CO2, to the plant batches grown in their respective rooms or zones. In addition to environmental monitoring, cultivators can schedule employee tasks, like planting, feeding, and harvesting, and review harvest analytics, all from their Trym account. We dive into the scope and size of grows you are managing here. Traditionally, cannabis growers have used environmental controls as isolated systems. By tracking and linking environmental conditions to each batch of plants, Trym enables growers to see the cause-and-effect relationship between their growing conditions and resulting yields.

Grassroots Marketing

GrassRoots Marketing curates thought-provoking dialogue with an exclusive class of thought leaders who will offer high-end roundtable business strategies and solutions that seek to prune and harvest great ideas in each 30-minute episode. We will also explore the landscape of the states seeking to legalize and their coming initiatives. Thought leaders in the cannabis industry convene here to share some of their best practices and protocols. Let’s chart the growth of this burgeoning industry – one of the world’s premier cash crops.