Wonderbrett’s Brett Feldman On How His New Vaporizer Line Recreates the Experience & Flavor of Flower

Grassroots Marketing catches up to Wonderbrett’s Brett Feldman On How His New Vaporizer Line Recreates the Experience & Flavor of Flower

Wonderbrett, the legendary West Coast cannabis brand best known for world-renowned genetics, exotic terpene profiles and pioneering cultivation techniques, announced today the debut of its first-ever collection of premium “Live Resin Carts” and custom “Drip” rechargeable battery for the California vape market, featuring the same full-bodied flavors the company built its reputation on in the flower and edible categories.

“We understand flavors do more than just taste great, they transform the ordinary into the extraordinary for beginners and connoisseurs alike,” said Wonderbrett Co-Founder and famed breeder Brett Feldman. “The right full-bodied flavor in a vape pen has the power to conjure up the smell of a sweet ocean breeze moving across the fragrant fruit orchards of our golden state, or deliver memories of homemade lemonade on a hot summer day. My team and I felt this experience was missing in the oil category, so we spent the past few years working to create our own Live Resin Carts that deliver the same experience our flower and edibles do. We’re excited to share the results of that hard work with our customers. These carts deliver on our commitment to flavor and experience over everything.”

Wonderbrett’s Live Resin Carts showcase the brand’s ultra-premium genetics, “Lemon OZ Kush,” “Orange Sunset,” “Strawberry Bliss,” “Orange Banana,” “Pink Picasso” and “Peach OZ” in a distillate-free, 100 percent live resin oil cartridge, made with real terpenes and zero additives. For a suggested retail price of $30 each, customers will experience unparalleled flavor drawn from the best-quality glass tank, ceramic atomizer and tip capable of delivering complex terpene profiles.

To create the battery, Wonderbrett collaborated with leading manufacturer Ispire, resulting in a rechargeable, adjustable voltage battery for $20 MSRP. It features a sleek black and white “Drip” silhouette on the exterior that seamlessly blends into the cartridge. This performance-first battery offers customers the convenience of a one-button control, three adjustable voltage settings: 3.0V, 3.3V and 3.6V, and technology optimized for the flavor and experience Wonderbrett is revered for.

This exciting new collection is now available at all California retailers.

For more information, please visit www.wonderbrett.com and www.wonderbrettstore.com.