BodyChek Wellness with retired NHL Player Riley Cote


BodyChek Wellness with Riley Cote today on Hempire with Nick D’Franceso only on The Cannabis Radio. Riley is a retired NHL Player, co-founder, and the NHL League Ambassador for Athletes For Care, and Partner at BodyChek Wellness.

In the NHL, they test for cannabis but nothing happens if you test positive. Riley has said that at least half the players in the NHL are smoking or consuming cannabis in some way. We discuss what he has learned has been the best way NHL players have been using cannabis.

That’s not the same thing with the other major sports leagues. With that, we talk about why the NHL understands cannabis better. Riley talks about the fact that the NHL must know the damage player’s bodies take getting checked on the boards or just the fights. Shouldn’t the players should get whatever works to get relief?

When Riley retired he started the Hemp Heals Foundation, a 501 (c) 3 to promote cannabis/hemp as a viable renewable resource, so people can live a better quality of life. Riley takes us through that process and what he’s doing with that.

On top of all that Riley also represents the NHL with Athletes For Care. We discuss the conversations Riley has had with other professional athletes, as well as how different every story he hears about is from sport to sport and what they need.