Engager Brands with CEO Kieve Huffman


Engager Brands with CEO Kieve Huffman today on Hempire with Pete Bahrenburg & Nick DiFrancesco only on The Cannabis Radio. We appreciate everyone tuning in for another episode of Hempire with Pete Bahrenburg & Nick DiFrancesco. In this episode, we welcome Kieve Huffman to today’s show to discuss Engager Brands.

Kieve is a successful entrepreneur and innovation executive with a proven track record of success in cannabis, music, digital marketing, and media technology. He has founded five companies and created new divisions within larger organizations five times. He has been a founder of three cannabis companies that have raised over $25 million. He grew the digital business at BMG from sub $1mm to over $125mm in revenues.

His current company, Engager Brands, is a portfolio of cannabis lifestyle brands that focus on serving audiences that have been under-marketed to but over-index in consumption of cannabis. Having worked on over 60 cannabis brand projects at his previous company, PRØHBTD Media, he brings a wealth of insight into what brands are built for global success.

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