How to buy CBD with Staci Gruber

How to buy CBD with Staci Gruber. Staci Gruber, Ph.D., is the director of the Cognitive and Clinical Neuroimaging Core at McLean Hospital and an associate professor of Psychiatry. She primarily focuses on the neurocognitive effects of substance use, particularly marijuana. This includes medical marijuana and recreational marijuana. Most of her recent work has explored the effects of recreational marijuana use on younger patients. Why proper education and information needs to be out there to the public so that they get their hands on the right quality and quantity of CBD from the right producers. Empowering the supplemental consumer through direct access to product transparency.

how to buy cbd

Beyond the individual advocacy for CBD and the support for thorough research into its therapeutic values, we need to be acutely aware of the current state of the CBD market and how it is translated commercially. We may be facing the next frontier of personalized medicine for those who derive a clinical benefit from medical marijuana. Every person is different and bound to have varied responses to the countless types of cannabinoid-based products that are rapidly becoming available. Given the regulatory limitations, this requires that patients stay educated and invested in their own treatment and ‘partner’ with knowledgeable treaters. It’s also important to remember that as promising as cannabinoid-based therapies may be for many conditions or symptoms, it may not work for every illness or person. Unfortunately, the policy has outpaced the science, and we know far less than we should at this point.