Sensi Magazine And More with Jen Bernstein


Sensi Magazine And More with executive editor Jen Bernstein today on Hempire only on The Cannabis Radio. We appreciate everyone tuning in for another episode of Hempire with Pete Bahrenburg & Nick DiFrancesco.

In this episode, we welcome Jen Bernstein to today’s show. Jen is a media professional who has gone up the ranks of publishing for the cannabis industry for more than twenty years. She has joined the team at Sensi Magazine after last being the managing editor for High Times. Jen led the direction of the High Times, handled the meetings, and also got to judge for the High Times Cannabis Cup and the High Times Medical Cannabis Cups.

What Playboy is to Adult Entertainment and What National Lampoon meant to Comedy, Jen was there for about a decade. Jen got to host a limited run live show that High Times got to have on Sirius XM called Reefer Radio. She featured interviews with Snoop Dogg, Tommy Chong, and Jack Black.

We talk about how Sirius XM got interested and how she got to host it. As well as what got them to give High Times one of the first radio shows about cannabis. There Jen got to talk about the culture like the movies and music we love, munchies, clothing, and style. We discuss what were some of the highlights she remembers and so much more.

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