Wild Wellness With Rebecca Grace Andrews

Wild Wellness With Rebecca Grace Andrews

Wild Wellness with Rebecca Grace Andrews an herbalist & ecotherapist. Rebecca offers health education for any condition, specializing in wellness education for those with Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, autoimmune conditions, gut conditions, ADHD, Lyme disease, depression, and/or anxiety. She also provides solutions for overall low health characterized by frequent illness and fatigue. Plus peaceful-parenting and/or homeschool coaching.

Wild Wellness

Today we are asking the questions, Are you tired of not feeling well? Do you wish there were an answer aside from more meds? Are you overwhelmed by sifting through research and contrary opinions? Rebecca can help you figure out what you need to thrive. Both indigenous wisdom and a plethora of peer-reviewed published scientific research details the positive effects of time spent in nature, of having access to views of nature and nature art, of eating nature’s foods, of using herbs to balance our health, of moving in primal/natural ways, and of living a lifestyle wherein our own nature is interwoven with Nature. This doesn’t have to mean “back to the land” – although for some it might. Rebecca can help you find ways to align your nature with Nature in the modern, technological age.



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