A Pioneer In The Industrial Hemp Industry

Today on Hempresent Vivian is joined by Eric Streenstra the president of VoteHemp.com. Eric is the former U.S. Hemp Industries Association Executive Director and pioneer in the industrial hemp industry. He also co-founds Ecolution INC producing over 100 consumer hemp items with his partner Steve DeAngelo. He launched one of the very first websites showing and explaining the industry of Industrial Hemp.


Now he is the president of VoteHemp.com. Vote Hemp is a national, single-issue, nonprofit organization dedicated to the acceptance of and free market for industrial hemp, low-THC oilseed and fiber varieties of Cannabis, and to changes in current law to allow U.S. farmers to grow the crop. Our ultimate goal is having hemp grown on a commercial scale in the U.S. once again and for the crop to be able to be processed here as well. We educate people on the issues surrounding hemp, register voters, and build coalitions to fulfill our mission. Vote Hemp is working to shift federal regulation of industrial hemp farming out of the hands of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and get hemp farming regulated on the state level.