Big Island Genetics master grower Aaron Zeeman

Big Island

Big Island Genetics master grower Aaron Zeeman a.k.a. “Professor Potgrower” joins us today on Hempresent with Vivian McPeak only on The Cannabis Radio.

Aaron has had his gear in High Times twice and has been on the front page of the Hawaii-Tribune Herald for his cannabis creations. The professor brings you some of the best Hawaii has to offer, a “Sativa Believa”, if you have the time, BIG has the seeds!

In 2016 Puna Diesel won the Hawaii Medical Cannabis Cup for the Big Island, 2nd place overall. The Mission at Big island Genetics is to grow the best medical cannabis in the world and to educate the world about the benefits of medical cannabis.

Our aim is to develop 100% organic products to treat patients. Cannabis will revolutionize the medical industry and Big Island Genetics will be at the forefront of developing new strains to tackle diseases and conditions.

They breed for THC-V and soon CBD-V. On the cutting edge, they strive for nothing less than the world’s best. All B.I.G. grows to get free consultations. an example of their commitment to the plant. The plant always comes first. Plants are living, sentient beings that are honored and sacred at Big Island Genetics.


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