Cannabis Basics with Ah Warner

Cannabis Basics with founder Ah Warner today on Hempresent. In 1994, newly pregnant Ah Warner knew that life would never be the same after she walked into the Fremont Hemp Company, realizing the possibilities for creation and production were limitless. 1995 saw the birth of her daughter, Darienne Zoa, along with an overly ambitious catalog of hemp products she called Cannabis Creations, which included candles, stationery, hand-dyed yarns, fabrics, handcrafted pillows, and even a line of hempseed goodies called Incredible Edibles. Meanwhile, she rolled up her sleeves and began researching the therapeutic benefits of blending hempseed oil with healing botanicals and essential oils. As her first potion, Ah made a Lavender and Tangerine Love Yourself Massage oil, still prominent in the now Cannabis Basics line-up. That same year, Ah put together a team of mentors, (Sandi and Mary from Brookside Soap and Lisa from Full Moon Rising), to help with the expansion of her hemp body care line. Also in 2015, the United States Patent and Trade Office (USPTO) issued Cannabis Basics the first-ever trademark registration for a brand logo with both the cannabis leaf and the word “cannabis” that actually protects a product with cannabis in it.

Cannabis Basics


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