Cannabis Blogger Heather Dagley

Cannabis blogger Heather Dagley joins us today on Hempresent with Vivian McPeak only on Cannabis Radio. Heather is a Cannabis blogger and cannabis coach from Tacoma, WA. After using cannabis to transform her own life, Heather created her cannabis wellness platform, Bud & Blossom. Through which Heather shares how cannabis and CBD can help others live happily and healthily. As a cannabis coach, she also supports clients navigating pain, anxiety/depression, chronic stress, burnout, or challenging life transitions. Her goal is to provide people with an honest and informed perspective on cannabis so they are well equipped to embark on their own cannabis healing journey. Within Bud & Blossom, she shares insights about how intentional cannabis use can contribute to your best life.

Cannabis Blogger

Through personal experience and research about the plant, she comes to understand that cannabis can help us reduce pain, traverse challenges, and live happy and healthy lives. She truly believes that when we smoke buds, we are able to blossom into the person we were always intended to be. Heather also offers cannabis coaching services designed to help others step toward optimal wellness and endocannabinoid health. Her goal is to empower others to transform their lives through the healing powers of cannabis, a vision-oriented mindset, and holistic health practices. Heather serves clients living through pain, anxiety, depression, burnout, or difficult transitions and guides them toward thriving, not just surviving.