Cannabis Women's Alliance Founder Morgan Kristine

Morgan Kristine is the Founder of the Cannabis Women’s Alliance, and the former President of the Marijuana Business Association (MJBA), working closely with businesses in the early days of legalization. Prior to that, Morgan was an International Business Associate for Hidden City Entertainment, managing worldwide sales and global manufacturing. As Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Off-the-Grid, Morgan worked closely with Lucasfilm, creating and importing over 1 million items for the Star Wars 20th Anniversary convention in Los Angeles. Starting in late 1999, she spent six years as an account executive for Bill Gates’ Corbis Corporations. Morgan also spent five years in Los Angeles, as Vice President of Masterfx, one of Hollywood’s leading make-up and creative effect studios. A longtime cannabis activist and mmj grower, Morgan was an early ganjapreneur, launching her own line of cannabis in-home parties Mary Jane by Morgan at the turn of legalization in 2012. She’s hosted several panel discussions at major cannabis trade events, and is passionate about helping women succeed in the cannabis industry.