Dean Becker On Hempresent

Dean Becker is Today’s guest on Hempresent only on Cannabis Radio. Dean is a former cop and over the last 20+ years, he has invested more than 40,000 hours reporting from scores of conferences and seminars around the US, Canada, Mexico, Bolivia, Portugal, and Switzerland. Dean Becker has consulted with more than 3,000 drug policy experts to include NIDA (or National Institute for Drug Abuse) scientists, doctors, and researchers as well as consulting with sitting judges, several district attorneys, police chiefs, and sheriffs, and has consulted with many high echelon officials to include then President of Mexico Vicente Fox, Portugal’s Drug Czar Goulao and Dr. Buerki, the designer of Switzerland’s heroin program.

Dean Becker

As the Reverend Most High of Evident Truth Becker claims the moral high ground in the drug war and challenges the world to prove him wrong. Becker serves as a speaker for The Law Enforcement Action Partnership. Dean Becker is a board member of the Drug Policy Forum of Texas, the National African American Forum, as well as End Mass Incarceration, Houston. He is a partner with Drug Policy Alliance and served as a liaison for The New York Times Drug Policy Forum. His first book, “To End the War on Drugs,” was released in 2014 and is available on Amazon and Kindle.