Delic Corp With Matt Stang

Delic Corp With Matt Stang today on Hempresent with Vivian McPeak only on Cannabis Radio. During Stang’s 17-year career at High Times, he was arrested and charged with conspiracy to distribute a noticeable amount of marijuana, in a case that involved rapper and Roc-A-Fella Records founder Kareem Burke. Stang says while the charge didn’t interrupt his work at High Times, it did have an impact on his career trajectory in a huge way. Stang says his run-in with the law made him that much more effusive in his support for ending the war on drugs: “I was actively running cannabis cups all over the world where cannabis was legal, while in a battle over cannabis consumption, so it was a very interesting place to be.

Delic Corp

It really focused me on legalizing drugs—cannabis specifically—but it really showed me the nasty vicissitudes of the war on drugs.” In the end, Stang wound up paying a fine with probation but accepted a plea bargain and served no prison time. Even without jail, he says it’s left a mark on his record that follows him wherever he goes. Today, Stang is hopeful that federal cannabis laws will be changed in some way thanks to an increasing amount of bipartisan support for reform. He notes that 64 percent of Americans currently support the idea of legalization. No one has had a view of the growth of the cannabis and psychedelic industries quite like Matt Stang. As one of the former owners and operators of High Times and now the CEO and founder of Delic Corp (CSE: DELC), he’s gone from facing life in prison for cannabis trafficking to founding and running a psychedelic wellness corporation.