Eco Growtech With CEO Shawn Piernitzki

Eco Growtech With CEO Shawn Piernitzki today on Hempresent with Vivian McPeak only on Cannabis Radio. Shawn has a broad spectrum of experience from residential and commercial construction to his technical training and his experience as an instrumentation technician. Growing up in the Slocan Valley nestled in the heart of the Kootenays, Shawn grew up immersed in the legacy cannabis world. The valley was a hotspot for black market craft BC bud and as Shawn grew up he began gaining more exposure to friends and friends parents who grew. This is when Shawn started to become more aware of the processes and how things worked within the industry including growing methodology, growing systems, and growing equipment. Looking back now that Shawn has years of industry experience, and has witnessed the equipment & technology evolve, it has been very clear to see the inefficiencies and “cave man-nature” of growing processes and the different types of equipment used.


This has been a huge inspiration in Shawn’s vision to focus on helping people take advantage of new technology, to reduce their business’s operating cost and environmental impact while producing a high-quality product. This upbringing enabled Shawn to build and maintain multiple relationships, giving him a strong network of industry professionals that have transitioned from the legacy market. Influenced by his father’s career path Shawn started working alongside him as a carpenter’s helper and eventually after years of experience he established his own finishing carpentry business in Nelson in 2009, where he specialized in kitchens, staircases, railings, and subcontracted to well-established companies like Harmony Homes. Shawn moved to the Okanagan in 2011 where he decided to pursue a different career path and acquired a job with ABB in the Instrumentation Trade. Upon working in the specialized trade for 5 years and studying process control & automation at BCIT, he gained a great understanding of electrical components and automation systems. In 2017 Shawn accepted a job with an automotive lighting company doing product development for LED headlights, work lights, and light bars. This gave him a further understanding of LED lighting and the logistics around Manufacturing. There have been tremendous advancements in the technology since the very first grow light Shawn designed for tissue culture, now after years of product development, Eco Growtech has a well-rounded product line, consisting of lights for all stages of the growing process from seed to harvest.