Empowering Women In Cannabis

Empowering Women In Cannabis

Empowering women in cannabis with Julie Chiarello. As a woman in business for close to the last two decades Julie Chiarello enjoys bringing green, cutting edge products successfully to market and empowering other women to succeed. She is a medical user, an herbalist, and believes in the use and protection of herbal medicines in all their forms.


Julie Chiarello is a champion of a new style business that upholds the tenets of sustainability, empowered consumerism, philanthropy, and more intelligent use of our collective resources. She has successfully built and led the sales teams of various companies within the yoga, health, and wellness industries and entered the Cannabis market in the vaporizer manufacturing segment, where she was blessed to cultivate a global network of friends and activists. Julie is the editor-in-chief of Skunk Magazine.



Vivian McPeak, the executive director of Seattle’s famous Hempfest, speaks with the leading risk takers, movers and shakers, and history makers of the cannabis culture and beyond. Viv talks to patients, politicians, prisoners, profiteers, personalities, and poster artists with probing, thoughtful questions designed to inform. Sound nuggets of sonic sativa for your audio orifices! Sowing the seeds of cannabis and sounding the praise of our favorite plant. It’s time for Hempresent!