Fight 4 Lilly Foundation

Fight for Lilly Foundation

Fight 4 Lilly Foundation with Serra Frank. Serra is a Mother of 3 from Boise, ID, with an Education in Criminal Justice and Applied Psychology. Serra’s credentials include being the Founding Director of Moms for Marijuana International, and Co-Founder at The Fight 4 Lilly Foundation (a family advocacy/CPS and family courts watchdog organization). Serra is also The Founder of New Approach Idaho as well as Compassionate Idaho, and the President and Event Coordinator of Boise Idaho Hempfest. And Serra is the team Director for Legalize Idaho.


They are here to support and help you FIGHT the battles faced with CPS and Family Courts! They offer court support, moral support, and eventually possible lawyer support. In emergency situations, the foundation might be able to assist with motion writing and appeals. You can also contribute to the creation of the foundation through ways other than money. To set up for auctions/farmers’ markets or special events please email or message them directly by going to their website.

The Fight 4 Lilly Foundation