Fighting To Highlight The Injustices And Speak The Truth About Cannabis

Today on Hempresent our host Vivian McPeak is joined by Simpa Carter of The Durham city cannabis club. DCCC was founded on July 1st 2016 following the Product Earth expo in Peterborough by Simpa. He attended the event and subsequently met many of the inspiring people and like-minded individuals who’ve been in the cannabis activism scene for many years fighting to highlight the injustices, speak the truth about cannabis and work towards the relegalisation of cannabis here in the UK.


Having discovered the existence of the UKCSC (United Kingdom Cannabis Social club) and speaking to its founder and other club administrators our Simpa decided to found DCCC just a week later. The early days of the club was focused on designing the clubs first the main logo, setting up our social media and researching and contacting other clubs and activists to find out what they were up to on the local and national level to see how DCCC should go about conducting its activism work and develop as a club.