Helping End of Life Patients Pass Peacefully with Cannabis

We talk about how cannabis and its benefits with Dr. Sunil Aggarwal who has been on the forefront of helping end of life patients pass peacefully with the help of cannabis.


Dr. Aggarwal gives us insight into the best things to say and do for people at the end of their days. He also tells us how cannabis effects our brains and dreams when we sleep.

Sunil holds a B.S. in chemistry, B.A. in philosophy, a minor in religious studies, a Ph.D. in medical geography, and a Doctorate of Medicine (M.D.). He completed his undergraduate studies at the University of California, Berkeley and graduate studies at the University of Washington. He currently serves as a Palliative Medicine Physician Consultant at MultiCare Auburn Medical Center and the MultiCare Regional Cancer Center, and an Associate Medical Director of MultiCare Hospice. Dr. Aggarwal has over two dozen peer-reviewed publications. One has been cited over 100 times, translated into Spanish by the Council on Social Science Research, and highlighted in a UN Global Drug report. He led the AMA to call in 2009 for a review of Cannabis Scheduling, and he was recently a featured alumni in the U.W. Dept. of Global health Report.