Hemp Farmer Doug Fine

Hemp Farmer Doug Fine joins us today on Hempresent with Vivian McPeak only on Cannabis Radio. Hemp, the non-psychoactive variant of cannabis (or marijuana) and one of humanity’s oldest plant allies, has quietly become the fastest industry ever to generate a billion dollars of annual revenue in North America. From hemp seed to hemp fiber to the currently ubiquitous cannabinoid CBD, this resilient crop is leading the way toward a new, regenerative economy that contributes to soil and climate restoration–but only if we do it right. In American Hemp Farmer, maverick journalist and solar-powered goat herder Doug Fine gets his hands dirty with healthy soil and sticky with terpenes growing his own crop and creating his own hemp products. Fine shares his adventures and misadventures as an independent, regenerative farmer and entrepreneur, all while laying out a vision for how hemp can help right the wrongs of twentieth-century agriculture, and how you can be a part of it. Today’s guest on Hempresent is Hemp expert, author, journalist, goat herder, speaker, and regenerative farming educator, Doug Fine.


Fine is the author of six books including American Hemp Farmer and the Boston Globe Bestseller, Farewell, My Subaru. His writings and expertise have led to media appearances on Conan, the Tonight Show, BBC, and CNN, as well as testimony before the United Nations regarding international drug policies. Fine has taught his methods of cultivation and seed building at Vermont’s Sterling College and online at DougFine.com. Most recently, Doug has cultivated hemp for food, farm-to-table products, and seed-building, in six U.S. states. He spreads the word about culture and climate change with his award-winning journalism, which includes contributing to the New York Times and Washington Post and being a long-time correspondent for National Public Radio from five continents.