Hemp Foods in Australia

Paul Benhaim founded Hemp Foods Australia in 2000, which now is the largest Hemp Food Wholesaler, Production Company, Retailer, Manufacturer and Exporter in the Southern Hemisphere.

Hemp Foods


Due to Australia’s legislation concerning the usage and classification of CBD/hemp oil as a schedule 1 drug, Paul decided to educate the public by publishing 9 books on hemp and its’ many uses from his experiences and expertise with the plant since his first encounter in 1993.

He has traveled the world searching for answers as to why this ‘eco-wonder plant’ was not being widely accepted, along the way he studied hemp’s surprisingly nutritional power punch under the guidance of Dr Udo Erasmus author of Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill. After learning how hemp naturally contains the perfect nutritional profile of omegas 3 , 6, and 9 that are necessary essential fatty acids for a proper diet and health allowing for the perfect balance for human consumption he concluded that he would contribute to the hemp movement and only use certified organic hemp seeds in his products. Which results in Hemp Foods Australia producing the most nutritious products possible.