Jimi Hendrix 50th Anniversary

Jimi Hendrix 50th Anniversary with Tina Hendrix. In 2009, Tina Hendrix, the niece of Rock Legend Jimi Hendrix, founded the Hendrix Music Academy to honor her uncle by making a difference in the lives of the under-served children from his hometown. Since then, hundreds of under-served youth of all ages have been served with free music lessons, free instruments, free healthy meals, free mentoring programs, and performance opportunities.

Jimi Hendrix

At the Hendrix Music Academy, they teach so much more than Music! They teach AGAINST: violence, hate, crime, ignorance, and poverty. They advocate for arts in the community, peaceful solutions, acceptance of others, embracing diversity, encouraging education, and charity in our world.

Jimi Hendrix

The Hendrix Music Academy is funded by Tina Hendrix and the support of Jimi’s most dedicated fans! We don’t receive any government funding whatsoever. We rely on the fans and those who believe in free education for under-served youth to keep our programs alive. Our music teachers are fans of Jimi Hendrix and they pay tribute to their mentor by teaching the children.


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