Marlo Richardson: Tremendo and Just Mary


Marlo Richardson is a black entrepreneur who is making a huge name for herself in California’s cannabis industry. Marlo did not start her career in the cannabis industry. Her successes have abounded in different industries since leaving her previous profession. She has been profitable in real estate, crypto, insurance, production businesses, and more.

Her portfolio of experience has led her to become very informed about developing profitable companies. Richardson’s significant accolades as a businesswoman in the cannabis industry all started with her mother. Cannabis as Medicine Marlo Richardson’s mother had a challenging year in 2018. Richardson recalls her mother being in a lot of pain before having surgery for a full hip replacement.

Physicians prescribed narcotic pain medication for her mother’s discomfort. However, Marlo Richardson noticed that her mother only found pain relief after using strong doses. A friend of Richardson recommended the use of ointments and creams made with CBD. Richardson’s friend indicated that her mother may experience some pain relief without the negative impact of prescribed narcotics. Richardson began educating herself on how cannabis may have promised natural elements to help others after that moment.


Just Mary Richardson started the Just Mary CBD brand soon after becoming knowledgeable about the cannabis industry in California. Just Mary is a delivery service that is in San Fernando Valley. Her ambition is to have CBD products available for sale in 2022. Getting started in the cannabis industry may sound simple for entrepreneurs who want to be the next business success story.

Richardson has noted there’s a central challenge in dealing with initial costs. She understands that the local and state licensing costs alone can be expensive. Also, the offset can be the equity licenses that are involved.

Richardson has learned that the cannabis industry is deluged with people trying to be the next colossal success or wanting to make a profit. For example, landlords are maximizing costs for every square foot of their properties. Also, landlords may request a profit percentage. In addition, she mentions that you have taxes drifting in all directions.

Keeping costs low and preserving a central focus on overall quality necessitates an intense devotion to all the math involved. She stresses that margins, overall return on investment, cost of goods, overhead, and the bottom line are everything. Richardson’s success thrives on taking positive commercial risks that are financially sound.

Her goal is to help make cannabis unstigmatized and draw attention to its benefits. Also, she would like to give customers more options for self-medication in accordance with their preferences. New Brands Marlo Richardson reveals that hiring the right employees and selecting the correct partners is the most significant aspect of her enterprise. Richardson personally selects all people who will be in a position of authority and help make her business a success.

Those hired in these positions have the power to select subordinates. Richardson brought Xzibit’s Napalm cannabis brand to market and is currently working on a brand with Kat Williams, Just Mary Brand and Delivery, Homeschool, an unnamed beverage partnership, and Tremendo Trees, a lifestyle brand that dropped December 2021 with TeamWatson.

Marlo has spent the last 17 years of her professional career managing at the executive level in the areas of entertainment, law, public/media relations, social media management, marketing, advertising, and crisis management; Creating and overseeing media content (Television & Film), large-scale events, clients, and building relationships with stakeholders in the entertainment industry and government.

Marlo is a 2015 Gubernatorial Appointee by California Governor Jerry Brown, chairing a State of California Enforcement section of over 250 sworn and civilian personnel. Marlo was recently selected to serve on the California State Bar board governing Ethics and Professional Conduct. Her love for entertainment, law, and public service has led her to many entrepreneurial endeavors. Marlo is a sought-after public speaker with amazing drive and ambition. Marlo is always seeking opportunities to help our youth and give back to her community.