Medical Marijuana Mom And Heather Manus (Best Of)

Medical Marijuana Mom And Heather Manus on this Best Of episode of Hempresent with Vivian McPeak only on Cannabis Radio. Heather Manus, RN is a native New Mexican and Registered Nurse specializing in all aspects of medical cannabis care. Nurse Heather began her career as a Registered Nurse providing psychiatric home health care to patients in New Mexico. Nurse Heather has extensive background and experience in natural healing modalities and herbal remedies, some of which she obtained from her close association with Hispanic and Native American healers in New Mexico. Her vast knowledge and holistic approach to individualized patient care have been the cornerstone of her success as a nurse, educator, entrepreneur, and promoter of health. Nurse Heather began her work within the licensed Cannabis Industry in 2009, by becoming one of the first medical directors for a cannabis dispensary in New Mexico. Her work expanded and continued as an active and dedicated Medical Director and Board Member of Sacred Garden, a medical cannabis dispensary in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She served her position diligently from 2010-2016 and enjoyed her role as a valuable resource for patients and staff.

Angel Thrasher is the mother of Dylan Moon, a 22-year-old who was born a micro-preemie or born very prematurely, at just 26 weeks. Dylan was born with hydrocephalus resulting in brain damage and initial frontal lobe damage, which caused him to have intractable epilepsy. He suffers grand mal seizures which damage his brain, killing neurons and further worsening his condition. Not surprisingly, cannabis significantly lessons Dylan’s suffering, but the iron curtain of federal cannabis prohibition creates arbitrary obstacles to Dylan’s quest for relief, as well as thousands of other Americans seeking to lessen their suffering.