Michael “Buffalo “ Mazzetti

Michael “Buffalo “ Mazzetti today on Hempresent with Vivian McPeak only on Cannabis Radio. Today’s guest on Hempresent is Michael “Buffalo “ Mazzetti. Hailing from the Okanogan Highlands of Washington state since 1975, Mazzetti is a Vietnam-Era veteran and received a Bachelor’s of food science from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. He has been an advocate for the medical and recreational use of cannabis since the 1970s. His views were originally influenced by books such as The Emperor Wears No Clothes by Jack Herer, and “Back to Eden” by Jethro Kloss’. While helping his mother battle lung cancer in 1982, Mazzetti recognized the benefits of using cannabis to help her maintain a quality of life as she died with dignity.


In 1996 he created Legalize It! Spring Water encourages consumers to send a message in a bottle to the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court to reschedule cannabis. Mazzetti has dedicated the last half of his life to researching the benefits of using various ratios of CBD to THC and how to titrate the dosage of each. He wants to share his knowledge of how to create homemade cannabis medicine with the world and to that end, he has joined me today to bring his wisdom and knowledge of the plant directly to you.