Music Distribution Through Marijuana

Today on Hempresent Vivian McPeak is joined by Co-founder of Hi-Tunes Scott Mckinley. Hi-Tunes is music distribution through marijuana. They are giving artists their own branded marijuana lines to push. If they do well with joints and participate with stores in our Washington market, they will put out more products on that artist’s line, and they can get really creative and fun.


McKinley started Hi-Tunes after finding success with his record label, Cavigold Records, and noticing how seamlessly cannabis and music blend together. The label was co-founded by Mike Brunson, owner of the premium cannabis line Caviar Gold. After several years promoting shows throughout North America and Europe, McKinley realized that legal weed was a perfect way to promote up and coming artists—offer a song and a joint that will work together to bring your high to the next level.