Patients & cannabis stigma in the Age of Medicalization

Today on Hempresent we speak to the authors of  The Medicalization of Marijuana: Legitimacy, Stigma, and the Patient Experience William Dolphin and Michelle Newhart Phd. A husband-and-wife team with more than thirty-five years combined experience writing about cannabis, Michelle Newhart, Ph.D., and William Dolphin have contributed to more than two dozen books on the plant, patients, and policies.


Newhart & Dolphin each have long professional histories as writers and editors for a variety of publishers and organizations. They met in 2002 working for Ed Rosenthal’s Quick American Publishing, where they were introduced to the world of cannabis activism and its associated legal quandaries. Newhart & Dolphin have many years of experience as educators and public speakers, teaching at the university level and presenting to diverse audiences.