Perfect Blends With Michael Backes

Perfect Blends know everybody’s idea of perfect is different. They believe those differences are perfect. In fact, it’s the differences in cannabis strains and their compounds that – when blended together – deliver a new kind of perfection they’re excited about. At Perfect, they simplify the cannabis “buying and trying” experience by intentionally designing unique, premium products that are named to clearly communicate what’s inside. Each blend has been formulated from multiple strains of 100% cannabis and cannabis oil and informed by over a decade of research on how terpenes and monoterpenes work together to create distinct effects. The end result is a new type of infused flower product that has a consistently fresh from harvest taste and full entourage effect. Perfect hopes you’ll love and come to rely on their blends to help you create your perfect moments when you feel the way you want to feel.

Perfect Blends


They construct each flavor by investigating the terpene content in strains that can produce the desired effect and identifying which terpenes are responsible for this effect. With this information, they use various strains to build out a product that contains the appropriate terpene ratio to meet the right effect. Michael knows that some heady cannabis lovers will be skeptical about buying a blend, even with this focused effort. He is confident, however, that if people try Perfect, they will buy it again. They see rates of repeat purchase high above the industry average: “Almost a quarter of the people who try Perfect at a dispensary will buy it more than four times … It’s one of these things where you don’t have to believe us, just try it and you’ll see.” Perfect only sources high-quality, sun-grown flowers because sun-grown generally has the highest, most diverse terpene content. They wholesale full buds from a large breeding program with a network of cultivation sites in California. The program uses an in-house state-of-the-art lab to test the compounds in their flower, making them an ideal choice for Perfect. When they acquire a strain, the pack is split in half. They chop one half and freeze the other to be extracted later.