Scarlet Fire Grateful Dead Dispensary

Scarlet Fire Grateful Dead Dispensary with David Ellison and Moe Berghaus today on Hempresent with Vivian McPeak only on Cannabis Radio. David Ellison is the founder of Scarlet Fire, an independent cannabis dispensary located in Toronto, Canada. Ellison left his career as a lawyer to pursue his passion for the rapidly growing cannabis industry, as well as to form a tribute to his favorite band, The Grateful Dead. His goal has been to embody the psychedelic experience of attending a Dead performance, elevating the consumer to an altered plane of consciousness. Hence, Scarlet Fire. Moe Berghaus is Scarlet Fire’s general manager and head cannabis curator, maintaining relationships with Cannabis craft growers. Before cultivators can become suppliers for the cannabis retail store Berghaus vets both the company and product extensively to ensure that they can maintain the highest standards of quality.



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