Sean J. Major: Injured Veteran Seeking Cannabis

U.S. Marine Sean J. Major is making a national push for approval to be the first active duty service member to use medical marijuana. Major has received a position to recommendation for medical cannabis use in October, he is currently prescribed more than 20 different pill varieties. There are 25 million veterans living among us today. The projected active duty and the strength of the U.S. Armed Forces for 2016 is over 1,300,000 people. It’s reported that in all the american wars there have been 650,000 battle deaths, and about 1.2 million deaths during service in war time out of about 44 million people total who have served in the military during war.

When our veterans return home, no matter what their condition is, they deserve to enjoy the support and assistance they have earned, not just lip service and hollow words from politicians seeking to gain votes or political advantage. Sadly that’s not always the case, but times are slowly changing. Sean J. Major and Vivian McPeak discuss the pharmaceutical industry and the movement to bring medical cannabis into the treatment plans of our returning soldiers.