Shilo Jama of the People's Harm Reduction Alliance

Vivian McPeak is joined by Shilo Jama, the director of the People’s Harm Reduction Alliance. The People’s Harm Reduction Alliance is one of the most daring and innovative needle exchanges in the country. The People’s Harm Reduction Alliance work under the philosophy of harm reduction to fight the spread of infectious disease and educate the community about safer drug use. They offer safe disposal of used needles, access to new needles and clean supplies, referrals to other pertinent services such as detox and treatment options, and now free Hepatitis C testing and vein care, all in a non-judgmental environment. The People’s Harm Reduction Alliance is peer-run, meaning we have active users in all levels of our organization. We are proud to remain non-profit and community-based.
Shilo Jama
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