Singer-Songwriter Shyan Selah

Singer-Songwriter Shyan Selah. Today’s guest on Hempresent is Shyan Selah, a Kentucky-born/Seattle-raised Singer-Songwriter and Multi-Genre Music Artist with over 15 years of producing, recording, and performing Rock & Roll, Hip Hop, Soul, Blues, and Jazz music in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Shyan has shared the stage and worked with many world-famous talents from all genres of music such as Robin Thicke, Seal, Ludacris, and more. Shyan is also the founder and CEO of Brave New World, where he’s built a boutique entertainment firm combining a record label, music and film production, marketing, and management divisions. Having recently completed a TV pilot for a new docu-series based on his life and career, Shyan is also working on a variety of TV, Film, and Multi-media projects. His taste and range in music began in early childhood with the help of his two older brothers, a soul and gospel songstress for a mother, and a record collector for a father. Shyan was influenced by a wide variety of legendary artists including Michael Jackson, Run DMC, Prince, Sting, LL Cool J, and James Brown. As such, his music style reflects the roots of his upbringing and the essence of these legends while authentically standing on its own.



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