Single-Use Plastic In The Cannabis Industry

Single-Use Plastic In The Cannabis Industry with Jason Lammers. Jason is the General Manager at, the Vice President of the Cannabis Alliance, & Chair of The Sustainable Cannabis Committee. Jason has joined us today to talk about regional efforts to address the growing problem of single-use plastics in the cannabis industry. Government regulations require strict packaging guidelines to ensure cannabis products are tamper-proof and child-proof, for good reason. Especially when cannabis comes in a wide variety of tasty treats like gummy bears and chocolate bars these days, it’s vital that kids (or even pets) can’t accidentally get into sampling an adult’s stash. Unfortunately, these laws often require large amounts of single-use plastic waste to be created in the process of protecting the public. This contradiction makes it quite difficult for cannabis businesses to utilize sustainable packaging materials if they want to keep compliant with the law. But with legal cannabis rapidly becoming one of the largest industries in the nation, not to mention the looming threat of climate change closing in on us, sustainable solutions to the plastic problem are genuinely needed.

Single-Use Plastic


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