The Basics Of Cannabis Science, Handling, And Law

Today on Hempresent Vivian is joined by Trey Reckling. Trey is originally from Savannah, Georgia and has 15 years experience in higher education. He has specialized in conflict resolution and helping prepare students for careers after they graduate. He founded the Academy of Cannabis Science and has been active in the cannabis community as a board member of the Washington Marijuana Association and Washington Cannabis Commission. In addition to other coursework at the SCC Cannabis Institute, he co-wrote the Medical Marijuana Consultant Course, the first program approved by the Washington Department of Health. He is pleased to be working with Seattle Central to develop a variety of courses to prepare the next generation of cannabis employees, informed consumers and industry leaders. Trey is a regularly featured author in the RX section of The Fresh Toast.
Trey Reckling and his fiancée packed up their car in Savannah, Georgia and moved out to Seattle to join the cannabis green rush eighteen months ago. With a background in higher education (no pun intended), Reckling envisioned creating a class focused on the basics of cannabis science, handling, and law, targeted at the thousands of employees and owners in the burgeoning industry. His timing could not have been better. The Washington Department of Health recently began requiring that anybody who wanted to serve as medical marijuana consultants (talk with patients about medical marijuana choices) had to take a 20-hour educational class. When Reckling first arrived, and before the new law had passed, he started modestly, renting a classroom on the University of Washington’s Seattle campus for short sessions on “Introduction to Cannabis.” After six months he moved to Seattle Central College for a deeper partnership.