The Dank Standard

Today on Hempresent we are joined by Subcool, Aka “The Weed Nerd”. He has been growing cannabis since he was an early teenager and it has been his passion his entire life. After being arrested for growing a plant he decided to dedicate his life to the educating and teaching others how to cultivate Cannabis, Subcool’s goal being to Overgrow the Planet. Now 40 years his mission continues with the launching of his new Website


Subcool is the author of Dank and Dank 2.0. He loves breeding and it leads me in a search for better hybrids. He’s created hundreds of proven Strains like Jack the Ripper and Chernobyl and the new High CBD Deadlights. Subcool continues to work to create specific cannabinoids to help specific ailments. With the expansion of state laws, he is now working to provide Clean, tested Cannabis on a commercial Level making sure it all meets a set of high standards called : The Dank Standard. They will offer Seeds, Flowers and Extracts legally in many markets as our legal team moves into new areas.