The Historical Importance Industrial Hemp Played In Kansas Agriculture

Today on Hempresent Vivian is joined by Kelly Rippel from Kansans for Hemp. Kelly’s vision in highlighting his research and related information is to acknowledge the historical importance industrial hemp played in the economic viability of Kansas agriculture. For decades Kansas was a large contributor to the hemp industry and even ranked first in bushels per acre in 1863. By understanding and sharing this information, their call to action is to collectively accept the response of prohibiting cannabis was a damaging path to go down that must be reversed for multiple reasons.


The discovery of this data provides us a place to begin transparently addressing what influences caused policies to change. Based on this historical evidence we have a foundation for understanding what path we now must forge to guide optimally-informed, responsible decisions for the common good of the environment and all citizens. Through evaluating and applying the lessons from this research combined with today’s advancements, it is time Kansas contributes to the multiple industries that now benefit from its cultivation. Given the dozens of patents existing specifically for cannabinoid-based medicine, it is time to move past the hypocrisy and stigma about the data proving efficacy of medicinal cannabis for patients. And finally, it is imperative to return industrial hemp to Kansas farmers as the legacy crop our fertile land once yielded.