The Life of Tom Forcade with Colleen Manley

The life of Tom Forcade with Colleen Manley today on Hempresent. Ms. Manley has an Executive MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management with a specialty in the business organization, sustainability, and succession planning and has earned her Doctor of Law and Master of Law degrees from the University of Arizona. She has also served as the lead Legacy Advisor for Shelterwood (now Pitcairn, multi-family office), whose clients include members of the founding American families. Colleen has extensive transactional experience regarding complex tax, legal and financial matters including business planning and transactions; mergers and acquisitions; contract negotiations; and financial, estate, and business succession planning. So it might be counter-intuitive to some that Colleen’s “other life” has been her journey as a Shareholder and a Director of Trans High Corporation AKA High Times. Colleen is the cousin of Thomas King Forcade, the founder of High Times Magazine, and a counter-culture icon. Currently, Colleen is working on producing a feature film with Academy Award Winning Professionals on the life of Thom Forcade. And she is also planning on creating a branding company featuring Tom which will be “rolled out” along with a biography on the mythic and controversial entrepreneur.

The Life of Tom


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