The Only LGBTQ Organization In Cannabis

The only LGBTQ organization in cannabis with Neil Lequia. In Neil’s spare time, Lequia has also been building what is, to his knowledge, the only LGBTQ organization in the cannabis industry for cannabis industry professionals. Lequia founded Queers of Cannabis in October 2018, before changing the group’s name to The Full Spectrum in November 2019. The Full Spectrum currently has about 30 members nationally and is in the process of establishing bylaws and a board of directors to become a registered nonprofit. Anybody interested in joining or learning more can find information on Facebook ( and Instagram (@thefull.spectrum).

The Only LGBTQ

In addition to being a voice and resource for the LGBTQ community, The Full Spectrum does a lot of volunteer work, including partnering with Seattle nonprofits Entre Hermanos, to gather census data, and Lifelong, which delivers food and meals to homebound seniors and people with illnesses through its Chicken Soup Brigade. Lifelong was started to provide services to people with HIV and AIDS, but has branched out so serve a wider community of patients in recent years. Lequia says it’s also important to note that the history of medical marijuana in the United States is directly linked with the AIDS crisis of the 1980s and activists like Dennis Peron and Brownie Mary.