The Premier Destination For All Things Cannabis

Today on Hempresent our host Vivian McPeak is joined by Daron Babin from Daron is the Chief Evangelist of Cannabis and the CEO and Co-Founder of WebmasterRadio.FM and International Web Marketing, llc. a next generation media company.  Cannabis Radio is the premier online/podcast radio destination for all things cannabis.


Following the mantra first coined by Henry Kaiser, “Find A Need and Fill It by staying ahead of trends and lifestyles.”, Daron has a deep passion for media and celebrated tenure at NBC as a news director and also spent some time with the Trinity Broadcast Network. He thrives at motivating and educating. After his departure from traditional media, Babin was at the forefront of online marketing and is known worldwide as one of the “GrandFathers of Search.”  He has trained companies internationally and is a frequent speaker at many of the worlds most prestigious events.