Utah Pain Patient Enedina Stanger And Surviving Hospice with Cannabis

Today on Hempresent Vivian McPeak is joined by Utah pain patient Enedina Stanger. Enedina Stanger stayed behind in the parking lot while her two young daughters were shopping with their father in South Weber, Utah. She suffers from the rare and potentially fatal genetic tissue disorder Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. She lit up a marijuana cigarette and rolled down the window of her van to let out the smoke when she was done. That’s when somebody passing by called the police, claiming Enedina was smoking in front of her daughters, who by then had returned to the parking lot with their father, Mike Stanger. Enedina was booked and released from the Weber County Jail and charged with third-degree felony child endangerment and misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance. The felony was later dropped and a judge ordered probation instead of jail time, but the incident has thrown the Utah homemaker’s life into a whirlwind of frustrations.

Vivian also speaks with Meagan Holt, a Parent of cannabis patient child named Maddie, and her story of her daughter ended up Surviving Hospice with the help of Cannabis Oil. Last year, Meagan and Brandon Holt’s daughter, who suffers from a rare and debilitating disease called Zellweger Syndrome, was given only a short time to live, and her family was forced to do what no family can ever imagine – put a 2-year-old in Hospice care.Maddie is deaf and blind, and entirely dependent upon round the clock medical care. Prior to being placed in Hospice care, Maddie developed life-threatening horrific seizures which sent her health into a downward spiral. But then something amazing happened. Meagan began researching the effects of cannabis on intractable, or untreatable epilepsy. She found one last hope, cannabis. Being in Washington state, where medical and recreational marijuana is legal, Meagan got authorization, and then a beautiful group of people began donating whole plant cannabis extract to their family.