Weeding Out The Norm In Stamped Leaf Patterns

Weeding out the norm in stamped leaf patterns with Karen Averill of Cannaflage. Along with the introduction of today’s nascent legal cannabis industry has come an explosion of interest in all things cannabis. The formerly nefarious, illicit herb is experiencing a cultural renaissance as an evolving focus on the cannabis lifestyle emerges into the daylight of mainstream attention. Modern canna-fashion for this new age of the herb is advancing on par with a penchant for the plant’s therapeutic and euphoric effects. Imagine, if you will, bright green cannabis leaf fractals emblazoned across a variety of pants, skirts, neckties, umbrellas, and more. But you do not need to invoke your imagination, because these are a few of the products you can get today from Oregon based Cannaflage Designs, and I have the proprietor Karen Averill with me to tell you more about her canna-centric company where she puts the high, in high definition, photography.

Weeding Out The

Karen’s Story began with a “gag” gift for her nephew who saw a photograph she had taken and said, “that would make cool wallpaper”. When the panel arrived, they experienced the enjoyment of seeing hidden images in the design (hence the name Cannaflage Designs). The patterns were so mesmerizing and beautiful Karen realized this was a design that would finally be weeding out the stamped leaf pattern from our homes and closets. Cannaflage Design is a full circle, family operated a business. Karen’s husband and nephew are the growers; She is the photographer and designer. Their gardens are a part of their family and, like family, are loved and nurtured until fully grown and ready to provide health and wellness to others.