Cutting-Edge Research Studies In All Areas Of Medicine And Complementary Health Care

Today on High On Healthy Audrey is joined by Milana Perepyolkina. She received my bachelor’s degree with honors from St. Petersburg State University in Russia and was awarded the United States Information Agency Fellowship to continue her education in the United States, where she received a master’s degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia. For nearly a decade Milana has been responsible for the organizational review of biomedical and social-behavioral research studies done on human subjects conducted in all University of Utah departments, and at the University of Utah Hospital, Veterans Affairs Medical Center, and Primary Children’s Hospitals all based in Salt Lake City, Utah.


In Milana’s work at the Institutional Review Board at the University of Utah, she reviews an average of 30 cutting-edge research studies in all areas of medicine and complementary health care every week, which provides me a rare opportunity to study the latest advancements in traditional and complementary medicine. She has a unique opportunity to access an enormous amount of information about health and well-being and has accumulated a vast amount of knowledge about the efficiency and side effects of medical procedures and drugs. Milana’s approach to health is, to begin with, a deep respect for medicine and what it can offer in the twenty-first century, and to also to build good health from the bottom up with nutrition and healthy living so that medical interventions can be more successful when they are required.