2020 Elections and Cannabis is on the Ballot!

2020 Elections and Cannabis is on the Ballot! Michelle Rutter-Friberg of the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) explained exactly what is happening in the five states where some form of marijuana legalization is on the ballot. But Ms. Rutter-Friberg stressed that almost all decisions regarding cannabis legalization, including banking, are decided by our legislators, therefore every candidate running in 2020 needs to be in favor. Pointing out that the NCIA is non-partisan, Rutter-Friberg, the organization’s deputy director of government relations, noted that democrats are traditionally more supportive of “favorable marijuana reform.” For example, Rutter-Friberg said, Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) has been a constant obstacle to forward motion. “He is not even willing to bring (cannabis) legislation to the Senate floor to be voted on.” So, if you’re voting for a senator or representative, get informed and do the right thing. The 2020 elections are crucial for many reasons but will also give cannabis supporters a chance to flip the Senate from Republican to Democratic control.  “This year’s elections could prove to be a game-changer.” Meanwhile, if you’re in New Jersey, Arizona, Mississippi, Montana, or South Dakota, get out and vote ASAP. A combination of adult-use legalization and medical marijuana is on the ballot.


Rutter-Friberg goes over each state in her informative interview here on High Society with Paxton Quigley. She also warned that in some states, specifically mentioning Mississippi, ballot initiatives can be confusing. To help clear up general voter concerns and confusion, Rutter-Friberg urged voters in all states to have a look at an informative website: votesaveamerica.com, which is a non-partisan site where one can check out if they’re registered, see a sample ballot, confirm where and how to vote and much, much more.

So make a plan and vote! 

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